Did you know? Every dollar raised in the Northern Territory goes back to supporting people in your local community!

2019 Feed Northern Territory Appeal

According to Foodbank’s 2019 Hunger Report more than five million Australians experienced food insecurity in the past year. Worse still, there has been a 22% increase in people seeking relief from charities and women are 50% more likely to be food insecure. More than a fifth of people living in rural or remote areas struggle to afford or access healthy food.

 Feed Northern Territory Appeal’s mission is to ensure no Australian – no matter where they live – goes hungry.

Our Feed Northern Territory Appeal will raise much-needed funds for inner-city, suburban and regional food relief charities to increase their capacity so they can better nourish their local communities.

Feed Northern Territory Appeal grants will buy things such as fridges, freezers, vans, ovens, cool rooms, storage, kitchen equipment and staple foods to help charities grow their current programs, start new projects and expand their reach in providing food and meals for people going hungry in their community.

The 2019 grants in the Northern Territory are:

  • Major Projects Grants up to $50 000 for major infrastructure
  • Grassroots Grants of up to $25 000 for minor infrastructure and food staple access
  • Rural Grants of up to $50 000 for major or minor infrastructure and food staple access for regional and remote communities.

The inaugural national 2019 Feed Appeal aims to raise one million dollars which will more than two million meals for our community.