Grant update:

Responding to the COVID-19 crisis

As we keep evolving the 2020 Grants Program in response to the ever changing enviroment- we want to keep you updated.

Hunger is a community issue that needs a community solution. Together we can help those who are struggling to afford a meal.


We raise funds, awareness and capacity to provide hope for people going hungry.


We share funds with those already helping in the community so they can have more impact and help break the cycle of hunger. We share their stories of hope.


We nourish local communities by helping to transform lives. We bring everyone together to be a part of the solution.

Our Impact to Date

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Did you know?
100% of your donations go towards nourishing your community. Our operation is powered by Newman’s Own Foundation.

Feed Appeal

Thanks to your generosity we have raised more than 1 million dollars in 2019. This will help nourish local communities across Australia. We have already set our target of 2 million dollars in 2020.


Take Action

Help change your community

We organise and manage several community engagement activities with our corporate partners throughout the year. Remember every time you give you help many. The funds you help raise will go back to your community.


Rural Schools Grants Program

The program concentrates on nourishing kids to ensure they have the brain power to learn and reach their full potential. Applications are now open!

Shout Lunch

7th MayRegister your Shout Lunch today. Bring a meal, Share a meal, Give a meal.Organise to Shout Lunch with yourself, your team, family or friedns and feed someone in need today.

Squeaky Gate Olive Oil

Squeaky Gate Olive Oil will be supporting our Rural Grants program. The partnership will help us to support the rural community across Australia. 

Woolworths in store

You can donate to the Feed Appeal at any Woolworths checkout in Australia. Every $1 equals 2 meals. Keep your eye out for the 2020 campaign!


“We’re just so grateful for this grant. It’s fantastic and will really help us with the meals we do. We won’t have to overload the ovens we have, so things will cook more evenly and quickly. Volunteers won’t have to keep opening and changing trays around.”

– Bayside Community Care team leader,
  Jane Foster


“We’re incredibly grateful for the support given to a local charity that is making a difference to families and others. The grant will help us continue to supply hot meals to about 50 people a week at the primary school’s donated hall where some people tell us that sometimes this is their only real meal.”

– The Salt Foundation co-founder,
  Catherine Donnelley

“We have seven op shops to raise the capital we need to run our services and when a grant like this Feed Melbourne one comes along it is such a gift to us. It has had a huge impact.”

– Helping Hands Mission chief executive,
officer Melanie Kent

“The 34 domestic fridges/freezers are costing us a fortune in electricity to run every month. The cool room (funded by a Feed Melbourne grant) will reduce our expenditure and allow us to meet our capacity needs.”

– Northpoint Centre community services manager Brian O’Rourke

“Everyone here, especially at the food pantry, it doesn’t matter what you look like or what your story is, they just make you feel like you deserve it and it’s OK to ask for help. If I hadn’t reached out I don’t know where I would be, right now … this place was just a lifeline to me.”

– Nicole Breitner

“They didn’t make me feel bad, they welcomed me. It is not about who you are or what your colour is, they help whoever needs them. They are such a blessing. They are really working to raise people up and give them another chance.”

– Inioluwa, speaking about Feed Melbourne
grant recipient Turning Point


Our national corporate community