Community food relief charities are cancelling sit-down Christmas lunches this year in favour of hamper programs to protect vulnerable Australians from coronavirus.

Festive joy will be delivered in a basket with more than 70 per cent of surveyed charities saying in October it was unlikely they would host a festive feast in 2020.

The Feed Appeal survey reveals most frontline food relief organisations are expecting the holiday period to bring a 10-30 per cent increase in demand for food hampers or take-home festive meals.

The move comes as foodbanks and community pantries experience a 47 per cent increase in demand for food assistance this year. New faces seeking help including single parents, international students, temporary visa holders, the ill, women and children seeking refuge in shelters, the homeless, and families in which mum or dad have lost work or been forced to close a business.

Hunger is a community issue that needs a community solution. Together we can help those who are struggling to afford a meal.


We raise funds, awareness and capacity to provide hope for people going hungry.


We share funds with those already helping in the community so they can have more impact and help break the cycle of hunger. We share their stories of hope.


We nourish local communities by helping to transform lives. We bring everyone together to be a part of the solution.
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Feed Appeal

Thanks to your generosity we have raised more than 1.5 million dollars in 2020.

This will help create more than 3 million meals to nourish local communities across Australia.

Together we are making a real difference.

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We organise and manage several community engagement activities with our corporate partners throughout the year. Remember every time you give you help many. The funds you help raise will go back to your community.


Fill the Hamper

With 50% more people reaching out for food relief bring a little joy this Christmas to someone struggling in your local community.

Fill the Pantry

Can you help to Fill the Pantry of struggling Aussies this year? Our partners-, Delicious, Best Recipes and FareShare are working together to support our community!

Shout Lunch

As we start heading back into the office get your team together and Shout Lunch to make a difference in 2021.

New Corporate Volunteering Opportunity

In 2021 Feed Appeal will be offering charity partners a skilled mentor to help them navigate the application process. To find out more and register your business to participate.


“The Feed Appeal grant will enable us to increase our food hamper program. Last Christmas when we were distributing Christmas Food Hampers, one client burst into tears saying that she was faced with having to decide between a Christmas lunch on the table; or a Christmas present. The hamper enabled her to do both.”

– Mr Peter Biber, Founder

“The Feed Appeal grant will empower C Care to meet growing demand and ensure everyone in our community has access to safe, healthy and cultural appropriate food security solutions and improve their quality of life.”

– Mr Shlomo Nathanson, Founder

“Feed Appeal Grant means we will now be able to store onsite both fresh produce and frozen meals ready to serve the local Stirling Community at a capacity 5 times more than what we currently can meaning 5 times the amount of people can be positively impacted by the program and can be one step closer to stepping into where they want to be.”

– Ms Miranda Leijser, ADRA Home at The Park Project Manager

“The Feed Appeal grant will enable us to handle up to 6 additional pallets of food (3 tonnes) each week – enough to feed an additional 1500 disadvantaged families. The new cool room will provide a significant long term and ongoing community resource for the greater Ipswich community.”

– Pastor Fred Muys,  Executive Director Harvest Rain Christian Care

“Thank you, Feed Appeal, for your generous grant. Grainery Care has experienced a huge surge in the need to provide healthy, sustainably sourced food during the Covid19 pandemic. A refrigerated van will expand our collection, delivery and community support operations particularly where the needs are high.”

– Paul West, Vice President

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