Can you help us to support a growing number of families desperately needing help?


The coronavirus pandemic has affected all our lives as we witness business shutdowns and countless job losses across the country, resulting in unprecedented demand for food relief.

Working families, singles and students suddenly found themselves struggling to afford food and having to ask for help the first time, while charities scrambled to adapt to social distancing rules and restrictions.

It is an anxious time for all Australians. This is how the Feed Appeal is responding to the crisis.

This is an evolving situation but with your support we remain committed to helping food charities across the country, whether it is boosting their capacity to store and serve food or providing supplies of much-needed pantry essentials.

By donating to the Feed Appeal in your state, we guarantee that every dollar goes towards your local community. Every dollar you give will help community food relief charities provide two meals to people who are hungry. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Thank you for giving hope by helping us to raise money to share food and nourish the community.

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