2021 Food Staples(PFD) Grants Program

The Feed Appeal Food Staples (PFD) grants program is focussed on short term support to help community food relief access food staples for their meals, pantry and hamper programs. Feed Appeal has partnered with PFD foodservice and created a pantry list of food staples. Feed Appeal sets up accounts with PFD for successful applicants. Applicants can then order directly from the pantry list and have items delivered to help them feed more people in their community.

Organisations can only apply for this grant once in every three years, (if you are successful in receiving a Food staples grant in 2021 you will be ineligible to apply for this grant again till 2025).

Funding requests of $5,000 or $10,000 are available in this program.

Feed Appeal funds a maximum of 15 Food Staples grants per year.

Which grant can I apply for?

Download the information pack here. 

Click here to check your organisation’s postcode and see which grants you are eligible to apply for.

Additional Support

To provide additional support, Feed Appeal will be hosting two live grant information webinar sessions for all potential applicants. These sessions will cover the grant guidelines, commonly asked questions about completing the application and provide an opportunity for a Q&A session at the conclusion. Applicants only need to register for one session.

Click here to register for Tuesday 16th March at 2pm 

Click here to register for Friday 19th March at 10am 

To improve communication during the busy grant period Feed Appeal has  created the 2021 Grants Facebook group. This group will provide support and prompt responses to questions that arise while applicants are completing the application forms. Feed Appeal will also communicate updates during the grant period. We encourage all applicants to join this group.

Click here to join the 2021 grants Facebook group


Due to the likely hood that demand for grants will exceed total available funds, there is no guarantee that all eligible organisations that meet the application criteria will be successful. Feed Appeal also reserves the right to part fund applications.

2021 Grants checklist

 Download and read the information pack in full

 Register for one of the Grants webinar sessions

 Join the 2021 Grants Facebook group

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